Investment Management / Trustees and Fiduciaries

HearthStone collaborates with a variety of trusted professionals who share our commitment to outstanding client service. In every situation, we provide proactive, objective and transparent counsel.

Trustees know they can depend on us because we:

  • Are always held to the highest fiduciary standard of care
  • Establish Investment Policy Statements that outline goals and objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, tax constraints, and asset allocation
  • Develop a well-diversified, global investment portfolio in compliance with California fiduciary investment laws, court orders and governing documents
  • Use low cost investments available to institutional investors
  • Re-balance portfolios to manage risk and volatility
  • Provide quarterly performance reports to monitor and evaluate portfolio against suitable benchmarks
  • Provide asset depletion analysis
  • Third-party financial institution safeguards assets, executes trades and other account transactions, and provide monthly statements and 24/7 access
  • Minimize fees by aggregating accounts of professional fiduciaries
  • No minimum account size for fiduciary accounts

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